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How to minimize risks and strengthen the organization's security structure?


The cyber threat landscape remains tense, and the danger of computer attacks increases. Both individuals and organizations are attacked. The human factor is the number one entry point. Recent research shows that more than 85% of attacks start this way. How can you prevent this from affecting your business?

Simula Learning offers a two-hour course to businesses where the employees receive concrete advice and recommendations on how to secure themself and the company against successful attacks. Through well-known examples, they will gain increased insight into why attacks are sometimes successful and what must be in place to prevent such attacks.

The following topics will be reviewed:

  • How to create good routines for passwords and multi-factor authentication?

  • What is the importance of keeping computers, network appliances, and applications updated?

  • How to protect against digital attacks (email, SMS, etc.)?

  • Good routines when employees are traveling or working outside the office.


Learning outcome: 

As a participant, you gain a better understanding of how to best secure yourself and your business, as well as establish good routines against digital threats.


The course is relevant for anyone who wants a better understanding of digital security, and who needs concrete tools and routines that increase security in their own business.


No special prior knowledge is required.


The course has a duration of 2 hours. Your company or group of employees choose the timing of the course that works best for you.


The course can be offered digitally or we can visit your company if feasible.


The cost per person is NOK 1.500,-. The course will be held on the condition that a sufficient number of participants attend. 

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About Simula Learning

Simula is a Norwegian based research laboratory. We conduct research on information and communication technology. Our main objective is to create knowledge about fundamental scientific challenges that are of genuine value to society. Through courses and seminars Simula Learning helps companies with developing digital skills needed to be up to date in today's digital world.